On The Way to Gilligan’s Island

It was a scorching day in Puerto Rico. I was afraid my camera would overheat, but I need to take photos like I need air to breathe. These boats take people to Gilligan’s Island.

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IMG_5664 copy_1


I Want To Be a Part of Something I Don’t Know

It was a breezy day in Puerto Rico. I saw a villa on my way to Gilligan’s Island and wondered what it would be like to live there. What my family would be like and how I would spend my days. Swinging on a hammock perhaps.

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Location: On the way to Gilligan’s Island, Puerto Rico

Dimensions: 5359 × 3573 pixels


“Love, Sarah” & “Rhonda”

“Love, Sarah”

Love, Sarah

Often, the smallest gifts are the most meaningful.

Location: Palmyra, NY
Model: Sarah Ann
Dimensions: 4104 x 2736 Pixels

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Deep in thought

Location: Palmyra, NY
Model: Rhonda K Peck
Dimensions: 4104 x 2736 Pixels

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Munchkin the Siamese Munchkin

Drove from CT all the way to UT with my friend Heidi and this little kitty accompanied us in the car the entire way! One of the things that make him special and the reason he’s called a “munchkin” is that his legs are half the size of a normal cat. I noticed in particular that his hind legs look like rabbit feet!

Location: Utah
Model: Munchkin
Dimensions: 5472 × 3648 Pixels

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