Integrating a WordPress Blog into an Adobe Muse Website

I found two solutions. I like the 2nd more than the 1st.

1) Use one of the WordPress themes that’s pretty clean; like a white theme. Go to Muse and open up the page you are using for your blog. Click “Object” > “Insert HTML…”

Type the following code. I would have typed it out, but WordPress kept converting it instead of just letting it stay typed.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.01.41 PM

Make sure to replace the domain of my WordPress blog with yours. This creates a seamless i-frame that has no borders.  It’s the easiest way to put a blog into your Muse website without having create many php scripts. When I tried it though, I felt limited in what I could do from the Muse webpage so I made mine using option 2.

2) Create your WordPress blog so that it looks as much as possible like your Muse website. Here is a video by the well-known Terry White to tell you the rest. Start at 12:40/19:30.

In my case, my Muse website uses custom headers so I didn’t need to make a fake webpage. I just linked some text in my navigation system to my WordPress blog. You can see mine here: Just roll-over the navigation on the top left and go to “A Day in the Life” and it should take you to the home page of this blog. It’s not perfectly the same, but I figure – Good Enough!!


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