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Not long after I learned to walk my father took me into New York City. I was going to say since I could walk fast enough to keep up. But, I very much remember needing to keep a hop in my step so I wouldn’t fall behind. Getting lost in the city isn’t an option, and for some strange reason my father had confidence in the fact that I wouldn’t! We would go to the chess district where he would play chess and I would play in a nearby playground or with other kids who came with their parents to play chess. Sometimes I would play a game with whomever would play with me. Many scoff at playing with a child, but I think right about the time I was growing up, the street players were starting to realize that there are some pretty amazing kid chess players out there. I wasn’t a child prodigy, but I was really happy on the rare occasion I did win.


DSC_0333 copy


There isn’t a day you won’t find some sort of entertainment at Union Square Park.
DSC_0346 copy


I didn’t have very much time left until I had to head towards Grand Central Terminal to catch my train back to Connecticut, but I knew I would be miserable if I didn’t grab something to eat. As soon as my hot dog and San Pellegrino were placed into my hands, I realized I was holding too many things to be able to eat and walk. I felt doomed. Then I spotted a big rock. I ignored the few people who noticed I was sitting on this big rock, in business attire, taking a photograph, and eating a hot dog in between a hot dog truck and what you see below.  I knew it was weird, but I was hungry, my feet hurt, and I was not satisfied with any of the photos I had taken thus far. I’m glad I sat down.

DSC_0440 copy

.DSC_0441 copy


If you don’t do foolish things while you’re young, you won’t have anything to smile about when you’re old.



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City Vibe | Newspaper City | Gotham | Friends | NYC

I visited NYC with some friends. It was fun because it was spontaneous. It even rained on us! I returned my Nikon d3100 for various reasons so I borrowed a friend’s. Here are some of our moments, and a few post-processed photos.


Newspaper City

What if just the photos in The New York Times were printed on magazine paper? And some how the magazine paper matched the consistency of regular newspaper? So you could hold and fold it just as happily as you did before? But the photos would have to remain black and white to maintain a level of authenticity…

Could this be the main photo for a piece on The New York Public Library? Maybe it would talk about the architecture, and how old it is. Or be a part of a group of photos in a review of a creepy movie. …My brother is a chemist at a paper company. It would be hilarious if he made this little musing possible. And don’t you say silly things aren’t possible. As you’ve heard, everything is possible… at People’s… I mean… don’t burst my bubble.
IMG_0650 copy .

City vibe

I saw this as we were walking. By this time the group was used to walking ahead when one of us stopped to take photos.  Looking back once in a while to check on one another. To see if  we were finished or not too far behind.

I didn’t expect it to come out this way. I almost gave up on it. “If nothing good will come of it, then don’t do it.” I’ve been trying to apply that quote to my life because I tend to be too detailed or get carried away with a project that I will never show.  I’m glad I continued on this one. It’s my favorite of the bunch.

The yellow taxi caught in motion, the cold, blue slate building, and a tagged, red fixture on the street that isn’t used anymore… all account for the name. And less noticeable to some, the way the street fixtures are painted over and over again. Layer of paint upon layer of paint upon graffiti upon etching upon layer of cracking paint. So much so that you can peel the layers off if they aren’t chipped already. One of the small, accidentally artistic, details of Manhattan that remind you of it’s age.

Not w Nikon d3100 - Day in NYC with Heidi, Jeremy and the Rabello girls


It would be fun to design cute shirts for girls using some of my post-processed photos as the main graphic. This would be one of the styles I would use.

IMG_0671 copy


Where’s Waldo?  | Times Square and an ostrich.IMG_0672 copy


I’m not a big fan of this photo, but I like the way the rock dips. And after taking so many pigeon photos, I would feel remiss if one of them didn’t go up!



Us. We’re kinda cute.



Cute is overrated.

IMG_0792 copy



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Waveny Flora in July

I visit Waveny Park with my family and friends whether it’s to have a nice walk, visit the gardens, have a picnic, watch a soccer game, or to celebrate holidays. This time I went with a friend of mine, but we didn’t stay for very long. “I spend too much time taking photos” isn’t something you’ll ever hear a photographer say. He took some photos too.

Located in New Canaan, CTWaveny is a beautiful property available to the public. The park’s centerpiece is “the castle” built in 1912 and surrounded by 300 acres of fields, ponds and trails. The architect for the structure was William Tubby. Landscape design for the original residence was by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.


I think it’s interesting how people can look at the same thing and interpret it in completely different ways. Actions, lack of action, a look, even a moment of silence… Life is confusing, but taking and editing photos is the one thing in my life that’s not. Even if I get lost, go on a tangent, and end up somewhere completely different from where I started. (Tangent: Did you know that you don’t see the same colors that everyone else does? I knew you did. :) Here are some of the photos I took during my last visit. 


DSC_0662 copy


“Guy in Glasses”

Guy in Glasses


This flower was originally all white.

I didn’t know what I was doing until it turned pink and yellow.

DSC_0722 copy


With so many shades of blue to choose from; it’s hard to figure out what sort of lighting you want.

DSC_0713 copy


“Paper Rose”

I want to reach in there and peel the petals off as if they were a part of the outer layers of an onion.

DSC_0708 copy


The sun looks different through a professional lens.

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you, but it can’t help you either.”

DSC_0693 copy


Life is like a camera… 

Focus on what’s important,

Capture the good times,

Develop from the negatives,

And if things don’t work out,

Take another shot.



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“I Miss You Blue” and “Odd”

I Miss You Blue



“I Miss You Blue”

I miss you so much that the color of it is blue.

Location: Cummings Beach, Stamford, CT




Don’t you think it’s a little odd

to have some little odd people

with a little odd tree

out so far in the middle of the sea?



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Breathe Balance Sparkle



These were originally photos of fireworks that I took on the 4th of July in Wilton, CT.

I transferred them over to Photoshop and worked on them from there.


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A Photogenic Discovery

I was on my way home after dropping off a friend at the Seton Boy Scouts Camp in Greenwich, CT when I passed a dirt area by the side of the road. It was unusual because around there all you see are perfectly manicured lawns. But alongside this area was a stone wall and a metal separator. I had already driven past so I turned around and parked in the dirt. It was kind of muddy because it had just rained a bit so I was really hoping my car would not get stuck in it. I thought, “whatever, I want to go in the forest!” So I hopped the separator and these are the photos I took. Enjoy my little discovery!

Running in the forest, your Cindy